Nitgen Fingkey Hamster I DX USB Fingerprint Scanner - #1 Awarded Fingerprint Matching Verification in FVC Competition - Superior Quality Wet/Dry Image Capture - Compatible with Windows - Outstanding Durability

  • $179.99

Product Features

Fingkey HamsterTM is a fingerprint recognition device for those computers that are equipped with compact fingerprint recognition Sensor.

Whose primary function is for security and convenience. It supports various OS and USB interfaces so that it is suitable for application of PC-infra security solutions.
  • AWARDED FINGERPRINT MATCHING VERIFICATION - Our Fingerprint Matching Engine placed #1st in the World FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition) for 4 consecutive years.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY WET/DRY FINGERPRINT IMAGE CAPTURE - The NITGEN sensor has been optimally designed with SEIR (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection) making it one of the most advanced fingerprint technologies in the world by successfully eliminating the optical defect of image distortion.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 2000 AND HIGHER - Our Hamster IDX is compatible with Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7 and higher, Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux Kernel 2.6 and higher. Produces International Standard Image Format and Interfaces-WSQ compression, ISO 19794-2/4, ANSI 378, NFIQ
  • OUTSTANDING DURABILITY - Our fingerprint scanner boasts resistance to scratches, chemical corrosion, ESD, physical impacts while still being compact and affordable.
  • MULTI-USE APPLICATION - Any password-based login, security, encryption, identification, electronic transactions, attendance, multi-person workstation